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4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #273201 by opesmedical
Hi Everyone,

I am urgently looking for a developer who has lots of experience with CB and CB profile pro to support us to develop a multi page registration process for our global medical professional’s database. I need the developer to configure CB and profile pro, and know how to make the reg forms interactive –selection driven fields, for example if a user selects a country only cities in that country appear in a drop down box, or options appear based on selection.

So far I have installed the latest version of Joomla, purchased CB pro, CB profile pro and a template - All installed along with CB field query plugin. I have done some basic configuration but now I am struggling with time to get the registration forms to meet our requirements.

I have captured all field names, types, and validations for each registration page in an 2 Excel sheets for two user profile types. Here’s what I need a developer to work on:

1.Create all registration and profile fields in community builder field management. I have installed the CB query plugin.

2. Create 2 profile types and registration pages, tabbed profile pages and profile edit pages using profile pro.

3. We need you to make the registration page interactive and selection driven

4. We need a seperate mysql database to store all doctors who register and another database for nurses – we have unlimited mySQL databases to do this.

Would anyone be interested in working with us, we will pay for your services. This is phase 1 of our project and phase two will be to convert/apply our designers web pages into our Joomla template and to style our registrations forms.

I look forward to hearing from you all... and advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
4 years 3 months ago #273421 by opesmedical
Just wondering if anyone is interested in this? Or does anyone know of someone who can do this for us?

greatly appreciate your help,

Many thanks
4 years 2 months ago - 3 years 2 days ago #273787 by mlnviets
3 years 11 months ago #278318 by globalgridfree
I am currently getting some profile layouts done with cb profile pro by a developer,

is there an interest in exchange idea, or an open source free downloads?

working together makes it cheaper and better for all.

let me know!!
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