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13 years 6 months ago #10312 by mojito
I wonder if when a user uploads a photo, does that photo get an id of the owner. If this is set on upload then i should be able to hack the display that only shows the edit and delete button if the user owns the photo.

This would really be a big feature request -I mean its really not cool to be able to edit / delete other peoples photos.


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13 years 5 months ago #14883 by ferdy.jakal
Hi dear admin,
i'm italian and i'm not a great english speaker... so, sorry :laugh:
I use joolma and community builder for 2 years and now i opened a new website, in which user can add their own images. To do this, i use zoom gallery, but there is a problem, because users can add photos in all the galleries, while i would like to create a gallery for each user that is registered: when a user registers on my website, the engine creates a gallery named user_NICKOFTHEUSER, so the user can add photos only in his gallery.
After i would like to create two menus: a menu called "our photos" in which there are the links to the photos upped by the administrators, and another menu called "your photos", in which there the link to the user galleries.
I hope that it may be possible...
Bye ! :)

P.S. : An example of what i want to do is on my actual portal, www.fotoadokkio.com
12 years 5 months ago #37830 by tf5_bassist
This is just the hack I need, and am willing to try out... However, in RC4, there's no new.php file in that folder... Any other ideas where this code would've gone to?
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