Cannot get CBJuice2 to import address information - getting a white screen

7 years 3 weeks ago - 7 years 3 weeks ago #218010 by jordand714
I am running Joomla! 2.5.8, Community Builder 1.9, CBSubs 2.0.2. I downloaded CBJuice2 latest release CBJUICE2-3.0.2 and installed no problem. The feature to 'SAVE user CSV' worked first time no problem. BUT... I have not been able to get the feature 'Process CSVs' to work. I have created my test CSV file using Notepad with very simple data:

"ascot","","PO Box 1234","Houston","TX","77001","USA"

The user name and actual email correctly correspond to a valid user on my site. I am attempting to update the address, city, state, zipcode and country fields which are blank today. I have tried this with and without the quotes. Either way the symptom is the same -- a white screen... no error... no message... and no changes to the data.

The URL that appears after I click process and the screen goes white:

Any advice for a first time user?
7 years 3 weeks ago #218016 by wolverton
Please set error reporting to Maximum in Joomla global configuration/server and try to reproduce the problem, then report back any error messages.
You could also try using a previous version of CBJUICE2 ( CBJUICE2-2.0.6) and see if that has the same issue.
In CBJUICE2-3.0.2, you don't use the menu item 'Process CSV' to process the file... use the 'process the csv' button just above the 'delimiter' field in the form.
7 years 3 weeks ago #218067 by jordand714
I set the error reporting to maximum and tried to process my test file... same problem... screen goes white but does not refresh or display anything... no error... same symptom in two different browsers... I have not installed the older version yet... will stand by on that... is there some way to see what actually happened when I clicked Process... the screen turned white and stopped... what could that mean? Thanks.
7 years 3 weeks ago #218071 by wolverton
Might be a CB memory related problem. See this FAQ for problems

You could also try disabling CB and CB Subs plugins one at a time to see if problem disappears.

Here's a guide that might be of use:
7 years 3 weeks ago #218113 by jordand714
Thanks for the reply... but I am afraid this is moving past my ability to manage it. I think I need the help of someone expert in Joomla, Community Builder, CBSubs and CBJuice to inspect the site and (hopefully) identify and fix the underlying problem. Any recommendations of such a person would be greatly appreciated.
7 years 2 weeks ago #218118 by wolverton
I sent you a private message.
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