[SOLVED] Partial import

6 years 6 months ago - 6 years 6 months ago #218292 by htown
Finally I got everything working but now I notice that it is importing only the first 96 records of a 250 record CSV file. As a Test I decided to delete 30 records from the CSV file and reimport. When I did it's still only important only 96 records. What is the deal with 96 records?

Why would that be happening? I am not getting any errors.

Many thanks,
6 years 6 months ago #218334 by wolverton
Might be an issue with the CSV file, especially with line delimiters or encoding. How are you creating the CSV? We recommend using LibreOffice or OpenOffice. Or after teh file is created you can use Notepad++ to ensure that encoding is UTF-8 and EOL conversion is Unix Format.
Did you delete the last 30 records or the first 30? If it was the last 30, try deleting the first 30 and see how many it imports.
6 years 6 months ago #218502 by htown
I actually got a whole new file from my client and it worked fine. Thank you for your help.
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