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5 years 3 weeks ago #246409 by freddosensei
Hi Everyone,
I am using Joomla 3.3.1 with CBJUICE V2-3.1.6

I am trying to process a CSV and seem to running into an issue by which, when I process the CSV, the following happens

1. Passwords are reset. Users cannot login. As a superuser, I can login however.
2. Register date, last visit date is reset to 0000-00-00 00:00:00
3. Date of birth custom fields (there are a few) are also reset to 0000-00-00 00:00:00

What am I doing wrong?
5 years 3 weeks ago #246413 by jciconsult
YOur passwords are clobbered if you are not consistent about the switch used to indicate whether your are loading hashed passwords or clear text passwords. The dates get reset if they are on in the exact text format required by your server. (year month day and format). It generally works best to bring the dates in as quoted strings. You certainly don't want to use the MS representation for dates.
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5 years 3 weeks ago #246416 by freddosensei
Thank you jciconsult.

Now that I have slept, I should give some background.

I am not that well versed in websites and especially not in Joomla.
I don't run the server nor have access to it.
I am basically the admin for the site.

We use CB to allow teams to register with us for a charity race we run and normally, I just download the CSV and everything is fine. However, I need to upload the finishing times ( text[09:17, 14:12, 18:48...]) and ranks ( integer [1,2,3 ....]) for the teams.

When I processed the CSV, the ranks and finishing times got processed fine, but the other stuff got reset.

Just before I uploaded the CSV, we did a backup of the site and this will be restored soon. So, I would like to upload the CSV again.

Out of interest, would this method work?

1. My available user fields are

name, username, email, password, block, sendEmail, registerDate, lastvisitDate, activation, params, lastResetTime, resetCount, otpKey, otep, requireReset, user_id, firstname, middlename, lastname, hits, message_last_sent, message_number_sent, avatar, avatarapproved, approved, confirmed, lastupdatedate, registeripaddr, cbactivation, banned, banneddate, unbanneddate, bannedby, unbannedby, bannedreason, acceptedterms, cb_teamtype, cb_teamdescription, cb_companyorganisation, cb_donebefore, cb_teamaimsgoals, cb_fundraisingtarget, cb_fundraisingurl, cb_smartphone, cb_tlgender, cb_tldob, cb_tlphonenumber, cb_newslettersubscribe, cb_tlnickname, cb_tlphoto, cb_tlphotoapproved, cb_tm1firstname, cb_tm1lastname, cb_tm1gender, cb_tm1dob, cb_tm1email, cb_tm1nickname, cb_tm1photo, cb_tm1photoapproved, cb_tm2firstname, cb_tm2lastname, cb_tm2gender, cb_tm2dob, cb_tm2email, cb_tm2nickname, cb_tm2photo, cb_tm2photoapproved, cb_tm3firstname, cb_tm3lastname, cb_tm3gender, cb_tm3dob, cb_tm3email, cb_tm3nickname, cb_tm3photo, cb_tm3photoapproved, cb_questionscommentsrequests, cb_teamnumber, cb_finishingtime, cb_timeranking, cb_fundraisingtotal, cb_invoicepaid, cb_releaseblock, cb_officialtime, website, location, occupation, interests, company, address, city, state, zipcode, country, phone, fax

2. I want to upload cb_finishingtime, cb_timeranking,

3. In "Fields excluded from save", can I add everything above except cb_finishingtime, cb_timeranking,

4. Then upload the CSV, so preserving everything except cb_finishingtime, cb_timeranking,
which should be updated from the new CSV as had been done last night.

What do you guys think to this?

Should I use add mode, edit mode or save users? After the restore, cb_finishingtime, cb_timeranking will be blank with no values.
5 years 3 weeks ago #246420 by wolverton
Simplest method is to just export all fields using the Save. Then edit the CSV with LibreOffice or OpenOffice. Delete all columns except username, cb_finishingtime, cb_timeranking .
Then import (Edit) the edited CSV.
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5 years 3 weeks ago #246423 by freddosensei
Aha. That makes more sense. I didn't know that was possible.

Thanks a lot.
5 years 3 weeks ago #246437 by freddosensei
Thank you. That worked perfectly.
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