How to stop sending all the automatic e-Mails ?

4 years 9 months ago #249385 by Onkel Tom
Hello, I am about to set up a new system with about 100 users. During set up I use cbjuice for import of user data. Also I have to do a lot of things after the import, such as creating more accounts or correct entries in an account or upload an avatar image and so on. The users, for whom the new system is intended for, should not get any mail or automatic message from CB or Joomla, because that is only confusing before they get an official statement that the new system is ready to use. Unfortunately either CB or Joomla or both are sending automatic mails all the time and I have tried a lot to stop this. But i was not successful, mails are still sent, I dont know why and what plugin or component is doing that. Where are the places in Community Builder and Joomla to manage wether an email for a certain action is sent or not ? Is there somewhere a complete List or manual that explains, which peace of software sends e-mails and when and how to switch that off ?

Thanks for any ideas.

4 years 8 months ago #252232 by wolverton
This is a 'sticky' topic'

Also, if you use CB AutoActions, check/disable any email actions
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