Lastname with special character + email not unique

4 years 7 months ago #253755 by ComLeads

I imported a list of parents names (for a school association) and on the 3700 names I have 2 problems :
- some lastname have special character like M'Barga and they were not imported as the creation of username (from lastname) failed because of the special character
- some parents share their email address and thus some parents were not imported as the email address was not unique.

How can I avoid theses import problems ? Each year I will have to update the database with new users name and I will have the same problems. What is the best way to ease the process ?

And also, once I will have corrected the problem (with your advises) can you tell me if I use the "ADD mode" if it will take only the users not imported the first time automatically from my 3700 users or do I have to prepare a new import list with only the failed one ?

Thanks for your help
4 years 7 months ago #253796 by wolverton
re duplicate emails:
re special characters, try saving CSV file as UTF-8 before importing.
4 years 7 months ago #253801 by ComLeads

Regarding the duplicate email, I see I have no choice but to give an invalid email address to one of the parent hoping the parent will be able to supply another one when he logs in.

Regarding the special character ', my csv is already saved as utf-8. My problem is that my import includes lastname and firstname but no username. So on ADDmode, CBJuice takes beginning of lastname to create a username but as the first characters of lastname sometimes includes a ' like in M'Barga, the creation of username fails.

Any other idea ?
4 years 7 months ago #253820 by wolverton
You should use Excel or Libreoffice to generate usernames.
There is an issue with username creation problem when lastname contains special characters.
We will fix that in next version.
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