Having trouble with import

2 years 5 months ago #312077 by wolverton
Replied by wolverton on topic Having trouble with import
I'm not getting the delimiter problem. Make sure that you are running the latest version.
There does appear to be a problem whereby only one user gets added each run, then a '1062 duplicate' error pops up.
This is probably a PHP version issue, I shall debug.

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2 years 5 months ago #312083 by li_gordon
Replied by li_gordon on topic Having trouble with import
Hold on...I think I finally got it to work!!!

1. based on your suggestion about creating the users
a. I went through the user table and DELETED all users that were 'imported' at some point
b. I went back to CBJUICE

2. I saw on CBJUICE I had an error
--> SAVE Options file
so I clicked on OPTIONS, hit SAVE

3. I tried the import again
--> this time I got an error on a field name (which was misspelled)

4. I fixed the misspelled field name

5. Ran the file again,
and I got it to work!!!
CB Version =2.4
Array ( [0] => username [1] => firstname [2] => lastname [3] => email [4] => middlename [5] => cb_bio [6] => cb_address [7] => cb_alumni [8] => cb_awards [9] => cb_classes_taught [10] => cb_cv [11] => cb_faculty_type [12] => cb_office [13] => cb_officehours [14] => cb_phone [15] => cb_position [16] => cb_postdoc_visitors [17] => cb_staff_type [18] => cb_website [19] => cb_entity_id [20] => cb_people_type )
Adding rwright1 Rebecca Wright
Adding dnm Dimitris Metaxas
Adding dmotto Douglas Motto
Count of Records Imported=3
Count of Records Used=3

Next I'm going to try it with my full file (I will remove the test records first).

I will keep you posted.

thank you!!!

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