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12 years 9 months ago #22774 by mikko
robert101083 wrote:

Intresting topic guys!!

I have some aditional fieds in my registration form. Is the a way to translate the labels in front of the fiels?



If you read the whole thread (instead of just posting after seeing a topic) you would learn how to do this.

If not, search for multi lingual support with the forum search box

12 years 9 months ago #22776 by robert101083
Well, I actually did.

I copied the xml files to the right folder. I changed de code in mldatabase.class.php. I looked at the other xml-files and the wiki trying to understand the xml-files. I looked at the back-and of joomla->joomfish, but I can't find the labels I used in my registration form.

What am I doeing wrong? (besides my english)
12 years 9 months ago #22777 by mikko
Read the post by nant where he explains about language files. This is currently a much better solution than joomfish.

Based on your decription, it is pretty hard to say what might be wrong. Does the site translate OK in other places except CB?

12 years 9 months ago #22786 by robert101083
Thnx Mikko,

The solution of nant works realy great.

Now I can undo the change I made in mldatabase.class.php and delete the cb_*.xml files???


12 years 8 months ago #24433 by mikko
beat wrote:
- Actually, why wouldn't you implement your own multi-select field type in your plugin instead of relying on CB's, so the translations would be handled by JoomFish ? would take another 2 hours for you B) . But keep in mind to store unique ids or keywords for answers, to be able to treat them independantly of language ;)[/quote]

I actually figured a way of hoe to do this with a plugin.
-When installed the plugin creates CB XML file for Joomfish (you need to do this dynamically, because the column names in the database are dependent on the fields)
-When user edits his profile, the plugin translates the row for (onBeforeSaveEdit) using the translations made for field values by the administrator.
-If the user edits the profile in a language, which is not the primary language, joomfish table is used to translate the edits to the primary language

That's about it. I will code it when I have some time.

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