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13 years 8 months ago #21519 by slabbi

I have added a new function to cb_login which might by useful for some people.

- When you have new messages a Javascript or DHTML popup is displayed on the screen (this is better to recognize then the small icon in the login box).

To use this feature
1. install the attached mod (or overwrite the old files with the new ones)
2. add a new checkbox "cb_showpopup" (title: "Show popup when a new quick message is available") to your profile fields (the user can decide if he wants to see popups or not)
3. configure cb_login module; there are two more options "Display popup type": Javascript or DHTML (DHTML is default) and "Enable popups": enable, disable.

Thats all. Hope you like this patch...
I have tested it on my community site with approx. 500 users and they do really like it ;-)

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