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13 years 8 months ago #21520 by slabbi

I have added a new function to mod_comprofileronline which might by useful for some people.

New options:
- Display mode:
display "Username (Realname)"
display "Realname (Username)"
display "Username only"
display "Realname only"

- Displays FlashChat user status:
FlashChat installed: "Yes" or "No"
Display language (text added behind username):
"EN=(in chatroom)", "DE=(im Chat)", "CHAT=(chat)"

- All users are visible: "Yes" or "No"
When you choose "Yes" all users are always visible. When you choose no, you have to add a checkbox "cb_usernotvisible" (title: "Hide me when I am logged in") to the profile fields. When the user checked this box he will not longer be listed in mod_comprofileonline.

Works find on my community site.

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