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16 years 10 months ago #29123 by ben_emo
Virtuemart plugin was created by ben_emo
I've been working on a CB Virtuemart plugin too - it was discussed in an older thread, but I finally think it's stable enough to warrant posting here. Note that this is definately *BETA* software and may well have critical bugs - test and test again before installing on a live site!

Our project page:

Joomlaforge project page:

The changelog so far:

0.1.6 Use same _VIRTUEMART_SECRET as other VM files
Show tab description if in edit mode
Don't show break if hiding title
Added localisation ability
0.1.5 Fixed notice on post-reg page
Fixed installer problem
0.1.4 Added option to show/hide shipping address
Set default values for parameters
Added optional gap below output section
Re-fill info on reload of rego page
Takes rego page title from tab title
0.1.3 Country now required, state not required
Admin can alter users 'permissions' (for shop)
Admin can alter 'customer number'
Admin can alter 'shopper group'
0.1.2 Added user title info
Tidied post-rego notices
Edit shipping address in admin section workaround
Show break if title hidden
Bank account info working
0.1.1 Fixed rego bug
0.1 First release

There's discussion going on at the VM forums here:

Any feedback, comments, bugs, requests etc. is most welcome and please post it on the tracker (using the joomlaforge project page above)!

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16 years 1 month ago #48076 by ben_emo
Replied by ben_emo on topic Re:Virtuemart plugin
FYI all,

There's a new testing version out, updated to work with the newset versions of everything. Use with care as much as changed in the underlying components and I have been very busy, but thought it would be better to get this out for testing rather than leave it half-finished on my computer!

Project page is now here:

And there's some ongoing discussion here:

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16 years 1 month ago #48151 by beat
Replied by beat on topic Re:Virtuemart plugin
Cool. Thanks a lot to keep us posted, something really welcome. :)

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15 years 3 months ago #73049 by ben_emo
Replied by ben_emo on topic Re:Virtuemart plugin
(copying the post I made on the VM forums):

Title: Community Builder integration
Hi all,

Sorry about the long delay, we haven't had time to keep the component updated as often as we would have liked. But we've found some time recently and I've got a version which may be suitable for testing - I was developing on

Joomla 1.5.6
Community Builder 1.1
Virtuemart 1.1.2

Due to some large changes in the components I've had to change the way the plugin works; at the moment, it doesn't replace the two virtuemart user information screens with the community builder ones, but it does allow for the same virtuemart tab in the community builder profile, and also handles synchronisation of users from virtuemart registrations into the CB user table.
At the moment it handles this in an inefficient way by running a CB sync-users command through a module which can be shown on any page the CB login box is shown.
One benefit of this change in architecture is that the plugin no longer requires hacking of any components; you install a CB plugin and a Joomla module, configure some options and it should be ok.

This hasn't been well tested at all, but considering the demand for this plugin I thought I'd release what's been done to the community and see if #1 there are any bug reports relating to different server/Joomla/component configurations, and #2 if there are any feature suggestions or ideas.

I'll be placing this on the JoomlaCode site right now, it'll be version 0.2.1. It should be treated as an Alpha/Beta release, please don't install it on your live site in case it breaks! Test it on a development site first and ensure that things work correctly for your particular setup.


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