Templating plugin for CB coming soon

12 years 2 months ago #36018 by mikko
This is a preannouncement for templating plugin to CB.

I will be releasing a solution to implement joomla type templates for CB during this May. This will be part of my Advanced Profile Control and it will completely replace the normal CB profile layout.

The templating system will allow the administrator to define exactly what the profile will look like. You will be able to define tab positions by

For example [code:1]<?php apcLoadTabs ( 'cb_main' ); ?>[/code:1] would draw content of the CB main area in the template.

Also, field positioning will be enabled. For example [code:1]<?php apcLoadField ( 'name' ); ?>[/code:1] will load the name of the user to the template.

Please discuss this announcement here:



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