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I started writing what appears below elsewhere, and did not want it there out of respect for Nant.

While this may be difficult to integrate, or even impossible, a revolutionary approach to the Backend might be a four-fold option. The assumption thus far is that all users, like all children getting an education, are equal with equal approaches, equal talents, equal needs, equal abilities, equal interests, and equal comprehensions. However, some people are more equal than others. While not eliminating what has existed before, perhaps certain options could be offered in specific sections to appeal to some of these differences in approach.

For those that are more task driven - a clear, Brief: ''X -> Y -> Z -> Done!'' set of features covering the necessities of form, format, necessary articles, internal organizational structure, external communications flow, and identifying links needed for transactions (if any). As this community has odd definitions of structure and content, all I can say is that the materials here need to input the facts, figures, and bottom line materials important to the website operator and their membership and/or clients.

For the more expressive side - a templates creation section that does not require an understanding of CSS, but simple selection of options and uploading of personal art or photos at various levels of transparency. This section would include the gallery options, media handling options, icon manipulation or even creation options, awards handling, etc.

A third section would handle the databases. This is straight definable DB identifiable by tags so that different tables can be kept for different reasons. Say one on club members and another on affiliates, or one on employees and another on clients. This would be something where an application or form could be easily made and linked to fill out data which would then present in profiles pages as directed. Forms would be used to create descriptions of products to be entered into the db and also to describe items entered into the db. This would equally apply to clubs where members could enter information on applications (or character forms) which would then display approved or optionally approved data to other club members.

Nant has been admirable in character and positive in outlook concerning where Joomla is and communicating his understanding of it. My experience with 2.5 has so far been one of frustration and drudgery for small if any gains. The language is no where near colloquial, the grammar of the assembly radical to anything human, and aside from making my own icons for club ranks, membership pins, and awards ribbons - the process has not been fun. I am not saying this to rain on the parade, but to push for the better. I am obviously not a hacker, and I do not agree that all knowledge should be free, but with the sentiment of that saying "Knowledge wants to be free" there is an inspiration that the human spirit wants to be expressed. When I was in school only those who had taken calculus could go in the computer room. Now things like Joomla are turning the internet into a place for human expression not just for a few elite mathematicians, but for a planet where borders merely define areas of administrative services and not the limits of our humanity.

Joomla, and especially 2.5 may have more than what I have outlined above, but I cannot see it. I cannot feel it. I cannot communicate with it. I am not financially in a position to participate in your advanced ventures, nor am I likely to ever be so. Now, If this is the wrong place to suggest such a simple division based on purpose and effect, then please remove it and place it in the appropriate place. However, I did say four-fold - the fourth area of course, is fun. Here I would challenge Joomla to incorporate heritage games from around the world, such as Backgammon, Liubo, Oware, Patoli, the Royal Game of Sumer, and Senet. I'm sure some other things, flashier and more fun could be added to the list for the less erudite or traveled. But who says heritage should be lost with the future...

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