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10 years 1 week ago #128725 by awdsolution
here is component like facebook for cb community

is also listed in joomla here:

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9 years 7 months ago #139681 by awdsolution
hi guy take a look we have made a big update on our new JomWAL-CB community version!

A brand new way to communicate and share everything with people at work, social - personal. Where the status of important conversations, projects and ideas are automatically pushed to you.

With Jomwall and joomla, it’s easy to Collaborate together and know everything that's happening in your company, community. Updates on people, documents and everything that is been shared it come straight to you in your real-time feeds.

We have change the name of awdwallPRO to JomWALL as it is easy pronunciation...

////////// Big update guys take a look!!\\\\\\\\\\\

* Real time posting (no need to refresh the page to see new posts)
* Attaching and writing on the attachments (all Ajax)
* Attached Video (youtube, vimeo, myspace, metacafee, howcast)
* Attached Links (will feed in the meta tag from the links)
* Attached Files (download attache file from coworkers)
* Attached music (attached and play music file on the wall)
* Attached Everytrails maps
* Posting option for Friend only or Everyone ( if you are friend in cb community you will be friend in the wall
* Attached pictures
* Share link to share post on Facebook
* Display your friend on you profile wall
* Feed info from cb community to your profile wall
* Setting for realname or user name
* Css Style
* improve pm system
* Search Users box
* Lightbox for viewing images
* Lightbox for viewing Videos
* Private Message "PM"
*"Like" and "Who like this" Function
* Ajax Technology
* You can change the number of messages you want be displayed in wall pages.
* CB plug in for latest comment image and videos
* Delete Post in the wall
* View All Comments link
* View Old Post link
* SEO Setting on or off
* New setting on or off in the component for automatics email when somebody post in the users wall
* Smooth transition when submitting attachments
* Able to post different kind of link to the posting box
* AWD Module for latest comments

AWD solution team
jomwall the easy way to share everything...
9 years 7 months ago #139683 by andsot1
dazeal wrote:

Is there such a plug in that allows you to go onto others profiles and write on their wall?

Thanks for your time.

check out this component is just like facebook and you can share everything...
5 years 7 months ago #248120 by philtester
That price is ABSURD
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