Error message in Dutch translation file for CB 2.0.3

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I must admit it took me some time to find it as well. It is on this page: , and I just noticed that a new file is added for CB 2.0.4 recently.

If Dutch is the default language of your Joomla site (as set in Extensions > Language manager) then it should be the default language of CB as well.

Kind regards, Frits
5 years 3 months ago #254884 by nicohgzd
Thank you for your reply.
Finally I found the file myself in the directory you mentioned and installed it in CB. And indeed it transferred the language into Dutch.
Frits, I would like to ask you if you would help me to find the right settings for my inlog procedure. I have registered myself as a new member of the community.
But after inlogging I receive the message 404 - Component niet gevonden.
Perhaps its easyer to communicate about this subject outsite this forum.
I post this message also in

Thanks and best regards, Nico
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