uddeIM and message per user limit with CB Subs

2 years 5 months ago #290590 by Digigreg
Hello to all.

I have a website where the users can subscribe free, then if they want, they can buy the annual premoim subscription.
I use CB and CB Subs for subscriptions, then uddeIM for PM.

I'm trying to achieve the result where a free user can send (for example) just 10 messages per day, instead a premium user can send unlimited messages to other users.

Anybody, please, have ideas to how to "melt" the functions of CB Subs to limit uddeIM messages?

A best thanks to all,
greetings from Italy.
1 year 6 months ago #300876 by theflyer
Hello have a similar problem. Have you already found a solution?
1 year 6 months ago #300878 by Digigreg

As I haven't found nothing ready online, I have written that function directly by code, but I had to override one file of uddeIM; I haven't found a cleaner way.

In the code I read one column of CB database. This parameter is changed automatically by CB when an user buy the premium subscription on the website. Then, by reading this parameter, I have set the limit of messages for free users.

Would be really nice to see this feature integrated in the next release of uddeIM.

Kind regards
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