Autocompleter broken and undefined variable versionstring

1 year 9 months ago #298045 by tlwebdesign

I have 2 problems with uddeim. 1 is that the autocomplete is not working anymore. I see not errors except for
Empty string passed to getElementById()
Every time i type or focus on the textbox for user name when creating new message.

Also i see Notice undefined variable versionstring on all uddeim pages. See screenshot for more details.

I hope someone can help me fix these errors.

I also got redirection problems where the username link wants me to redirect to community builder but i don't have CB just normal joomla with kunena.

Version info:

Kunena - uddeim plugin 5.0.11
uddeim 4.0
uddeim mailbox 4.0
uddeim notifier 3.5 (i don't see a new version in 4.0 download zip)

I don't see any mootools loaded in the head section. Tried all the suggested motools settings for J3.0 from the FAQ. Also tested the urltask completeusername and that is working fine.

Kind regards,
1 year 5 months ago #301838 by tlwebdesign
Is there no support here anymore?
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