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8 years 1 month ago #179295 by mttorley
As sad as it may be, I cannot find documentation for this plugin.
I've pieced together the basics from the few other posts in the Forum. But I am having trouble figuring out how to format my cb tags with CSS-as the TEXT box keeps removing my html.

Any help out there for a newbie?


8 years 1 month ago #179314 by nant
please post what you are trying to accomplish exactly.
8 years 3 weeks ago #180041 by webemusic
lol...ok i installed cbcontent and opened have no clue how this one works, not a code guy...I was also was looking for some instructions...and since you said to

please post what you are trying to accomplish exactly."

I figured i would and see what i can do with this...i like the example, but no way can I firgure this out without some directions..

I would like to place this mod on my site to selected pages that would show from the profile tabs, the following tabs from the group tabs
My Groups
Joined Groups
My Invites

kinda like the "panel tab" in GJ
8 years 2 weeks ago #180981 by youarethejudge
Where can I find the directions to use this plugin?
I have it installed, and now don't know what the next step is.
thank you.
8 years 1 week ago #181547 by pegoeltd
There is no examples on how to use this. Has anyone found out how to use it and can provide examples?

Come on support guys, do a little effort for users that paid for this!
8 years 1 week ago #181590 by nant
The module allows you to put HTML in it (like the Joomla custom module).

The only difference is that you can use CB field substitutions in this code to grab information from CB fields and tabs.

See Kyle's tutorials on CB substitutions for help on substitutions.

P.S. Please use the Professional forums for better response times.
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