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7 years 9 months ago #189898 by LineMine
I'd like to agree with what other subscribers have said here. I've been using Joomla for 4+ years and have have built a few sites in that time, so not a novice in that respect. I also respect what Joomlapolis is doing, producing a really feature rich extension with a huge number of addons etc, plus the constant updates and support.....BUT...this module is a pretty key feature of using CB, and there isn't even any information to the effect that it needs to have code inserted to make it work properly ( or not easily and clearly visible info).
I would suggest that either Joomlapolis, or users, or both, start an easily accessible list of lines of code which people have used to call up certain features/functions. After all, most of these are going to be repeated by users time and time again, like the example given in the module itself : [cb:usertab tab="17" user="#displayedOrMe" /]. This is a standard snippet, applicable to everyone/all websites. We just need a list of the common ones....
That line of code, by the way, for anyone who reads this and want to knwo, displays the "Update Profile/Image and View profile" Options in the module.
7 years 9 months ago #190444 by creezi
I totally agree!
As it says here: It is a matter of trial and error.

But so many already know most of the possible combinations. Why not make a list?
I am now trying for days, to get it right.
7 years 9 months ago #190448 by LineMine
Ok, well that's two of us...I'm not sure how this could best be organised? Just a forum entry seems a bit hit and miss really.
7 years 9 months ago #190451 by creezi
That's a good point. Perhaps we can contact Joomlapolis for a downloadable pdf in the incubator section? I wouldn’t mind collecting all the input from users and creating a document. Which we of course do have to update from time to time.
7 years 9 months ago #190454 by LineMine
Sounds like a really good idea. If you want any help with that I'd be happy to put a bit of time into it.
7 years 9 months ago #190455 by creezi
Nice, I'll start by placing a request for people to give their substitutions.
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