Inheriting access permissions in sub-groups

8 years 9 months ago #224448 by NFER-ICT
I'm fairly new to GroupJive, so forgive me if this is a "no brainer" but I've hit a problem that I don't know how to fix - or even if it can be.

We're using GroupJive to provide a platform for a few research projects where we have a selection of schools participating but only want each school to be able to see their own uploads, comments etc.

This involves us setting up each project as a 'Category' and then within each setting up top level groups for each school... so far so good.

Now, within each 'Group' (or school) we have set up sub-groups for subjects, such as History and Maths etc. But again we only want members of the Maths group to be able to see their own content and not be able to access the History Sub-Group.

To achieve this we have set up access to these Groups and Sub-Groups to be "Invited", which suits our needs just fine.

Now to our problem...

It would appear that if we invite a user directly to a Sub-Group they receive their invite but when they log into the site to accept, the invite doesn't show!

Now I think I've figured out the reason, which is that because the top level Group is also set to 'Invited', they first have to be invited and accepted to the top level group before they can accept the invite to the Sub-Group.

So hopefully, you can see where I'm going with this... It's going to be very confusing to new users (especially at the beginning of the project), when they receive two invites and then have to accept them in the right order to successfully join the Sub-Group.

Isn't there a way that a user who is invited to a Sub-Group should/could just inherit all of the access permissions they need in order to gain access to the Sub-Group they've been invited to?

Any pointers would be gratefully received.

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