Some basic understanding of CB & SMF?

16 years 3 months ago #12363 by t17169
Joomla 1.0.8, CB 1.0 RC2, SMF and Orstio's Bridge..

I've read 'til I'm blue in the face, but still can't figure out how this combo functions together. I need Community Builder, the great features and possibilities in terms of profile, however, a robust forum is the basis of my site.

Some questions I have are very understanding how Community Builder features are used if you can't use CB log in with Orstio's Bridge. I definitely need two databases, therefore, neither the CB PHPBB connector or Joomlahacks smf bridge are options. But I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the architecture of a wrapped SMF forum with Orstio's Bridge and Community Builder.

Could someone explain? The bridge registers users in CB, but if you log on through Joomla, how are profiles updated in terms of content provided by authors, content visible only to registered members, etc.? And am I correct in thinking that there is no way to connect smf posts in CB profiles?

There's some basic concept of architecture that's I'm not understanding here. Any help would be most appreciated.

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16 years 3 months ago #12401 by stevebor1
Replied by stevebor1 on topic Re:Some basic understanding of CB & SMF?
Im in the same boat, therefore i don't use smf for community builder.

as far as i know, you have to use the SMF login which will sync to your CB.

Also, your "profile avatar" in SMF will be your CB avatar. Therefore you can't update your CB image to refelct in SMF. It needs to be updated in SMF to reflect in CB.

SMF doesnt allow you to replace it's profile system with CB, like Joomlaboard does.

I just really wish that Joomlaboard, being the only "true" forum for CB, had more support, developement and/or at least a road map. :S

If im wrong with any info, let me know.

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