Is there a [FOOTER] field that can be added to all emails that go to the users

2 months 3 days ago #316518 by RobertvanderHulst

krileon wrote: CBSubs Emails doesn't have that functionality. Did you mean you're using CBSubs Mailer? Looks like CBSubs Mailer is also calling comprofilerMail directly so the footer won't exist there either. Have added to the above feature ticket to also implement usage of cbNotification API usage there as well. For now you'll have to add the footer manually to your emails sent via CBSubs Mailer. I suppose a workaround would be to create a Custom HTML field with your footer text then just substitute that field into the mailer.

You are right, I meant CBSubs Mailer. You guys have to many components with almost equal names <g>.
I'll try your suggestion with the Custom Field.

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