Browser close on registration??

17 years 6 months ago #12312 by rex339
Browser close on registration?? was created by rex339
i dunno whats the cause of this... i installed CB 1 stable

i tried to register in registration window, the browser shutdown suddenly just when i click on register button in the registration page as my last step...

i also told my friend to try it on his pc , he got same issue!
i used explorer and avant browser when i got this !

any idea whats the cause??


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17 years 6 months ago #12317 by trail
Replied by trail on topic Re:Browser close on registration??
This area is for reporting bugs.. if you have general questions about how your site operates, please put them elsewhere..

This could be anything, caused by your template to using plugins that tinker with registration..

There is no reason to asume there is a bug.. or do you actually think none of our many knowledgable testers, or the thousands of JP users on here wouldn't have noticed a browser closing on registration ? I am trying hard not to be offended :)

Its just that i like this area clean, we worked hard enough to deserve a clean bug area :)

Hence, i am not going into this further.

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17 years 6 months ago #12360 by rex339
Replied by rex339 on topic Re:Browser close on registration??
about where i posted this.. you might be right :)

i know already CB in joomlapolis doesn't have this issue and it runs perfectly,
sry if i dissapointed you thinking it is a bug...
cuz if u think it is a plugin matter installation guidance doesn't say "remove plugins" it asks keeping them if i want them. and everything runs cool except this...

just wanted to have an idea what might be the cause, thx anyway.
beside this area "bugs", no one said its here to keep it clean, right? :)

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