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17 years 6 months ago #12387 by moneybagsxp
Hey gang--

Just received an odd error, it may have something to do with a fix that appears to be put in as a result of my feedback provided in this thread:,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,38/func,view/id,11317/catid,8/limit,6/limitstart,18/

Here is the error/output:

[code:1]Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/administrator/components/com_comprofiler/comprofiler.class.php on line 3543

Thank you for confirming your Email Address. Your account requires approval by a moderator. You will receive an email with the outcome of the review.

1. I was logged in, and clicked on an "Approval" URL
2. I received notice that I didn't have access to the resource and to log out.
3. I clicked "Logout", and subsequently was taken to the page again, resulting in the output above.
4. I went into CB User Management, and this user isn't even there!

:whistle: Ok, now I remember... I believe I had DELETED the user from the table late last night, and then I tried clicking a link for a user who didn't exist...

Naturally, this probably wouldn't re-occur, and thus this may be better suited for a differend board, but the questions at hand are:
  1. Is the output above desired, including the error?
  2. Did anything else happen on the backend that I might not be aware of?
  3. ...and last, should the confirmation link check for user existence first, or is it doing so already (failing elsewhere)?

trail, sorry to "dirty up the place", feel free to move to better suited area, if needed.

Thanks again, CB 1.0 Release has been a lifesaver and timing couldn't be better!

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