possible bug in comprofiler.class.php

17 years 9 months ago #14051 by ford
Don't know if this is a bug, but I was browsing through the comprofiler.class.php, and then I stumbled upon this in the function _getEditTabContents:

There is a database call:

[code:1]$database->setQuery( "SELECT f.* FROM #__comprofiler_fields f"
. "\n WHERE f.published=1 AND f.tabid=".$tab->tabid." ORDER BY f.ordering"«»);
$rowFields = $database->loadObjectList();

in the beginning of the function. Later, in the same function, this statement appears:

[code:1]if(ISSET($rowField->id)) $fieldIDValue=$rowField->id;[/code:1]

notice the "$rowField->id" : id is not a column in #__comprofiler_fieds!

Can someone confirm this and does it have any significance?


Ford ;)

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