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14 years 2 months ago #46162 by leonjvr
Replied by leonjvr on topic Re:user login problem
I am unable to log into my front end after installing CB 1.1 onto Joomla 1.0.13. When I enter the incorrect password or user name then CB informs me that it is incorrect, when I enter the correct user name and password, then CB gives no information and return me to the state before entering the password.

I have read the other posts regarding Joomla and CB 1.0.2. Is this still a problem, or was it resolved? If it was resolved, what is the problem?

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13 years 11 months ago #52463 by Kodo
Replied by Kodo on topic Re:user login problem
It is a cookie problem, but is to do with the URL. Mine works perfectly if I use but not if I use . I think it's because of the way it was set up when doing the first install of Joomla. I use and Joomla was installed through their equivalent of cpanel, which was easy but the result has been this login problem. If anyone has any advice on the best approach to fix this please let me know, otherwise I'll probably just live with the URL missing the www, but id rather not.


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13 years 10 months ago #55047 by pc_man
Replied by pc_man on topic Re:user login problem
the prblem dissappear when you chick remember me.

the problem is alsom in this site

waiting for solution.

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13 years 9 months ago #56861 by mikko1231
Replied by mikko1231 on topic Re:user login problem

I'll want so that users doesn't have to allow cookies in browsers settings. Cannot log in, same page appears again when cookies disabled, but when cookies are enabled everythink works fine.

There's solution somewhere, but I haven't found it yet... Maybe some guidance? It's very annoying with users view to change settings and there's people who are uncabaple to do that...


Joomla version Joomla! 1.0.12 Stable [ Sunfire ]
CB version 1.02

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13 years 6 months ago #63655 by discdemo
Replied by discdemo on topic I FOUND THE DARNED ISSUE!
I found the darn issue...

both ie7 and firefox.

I played with the cookie settings and thought that may be part of it, but it still worked when i turned the cookies back to the default settings, so nobody has to mess with them.

MODULES, LOGIN. This is the pesky buggar. I used a template install, so not sure if yours has to, my guess is yes.

Locate the REMEMBER ME checkbox setting and make sure that it is set. I just set mine and hid it, so it must be a bug any other way.

Hope that helps! I have been looking for 4 days and finally found the problem...PRAISE GOD! (I'm serious...I just now asked Him for the first time and poof. Thank you, Lord.)


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13 years 1 week ago #80854 by pochatcb
Replied by pochatcb on topic Re:user login problem
This fixes it!!!!!


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