Session timeouts - sort of. with Community Buil

14 years 11 months ago #39713 by cheshirestu

Slowly going mad here and hoping someone might have a solution for this. Trying to build and release a site for Information Governance Professionals but having a nightmare time with Community Builder and sessions timing out.

The problem is this.

* A user logins into the system
* After a short-time they are effectively told that they "are not authorised to view this resource" but they cannot log back in
* On the admin side they appear logged in still
* The administrator then has to force their logout from the Admin side, so the user can log back in but within minutes (sometimes seconds) the problem reoccurs.

I've seen other post similar problem but as of yet not seen a solution. I originally though it was something to do with Cookies and Fireboard but I have removed that and although the login lasts longer, it still occurs. I have checked session timeout, which is set to 900 seconds, I think we average 180 seconds before this occurs and I stress no one is being logged out it is just the client acts like they are never logged in.

I am using Joomla! 1.0.12 Stable and Community builder 1.0.2 on an Apache Server.

The site is at and if you wish you can try creating a login account. (I will have to remove these after testing).

I hope we can get this resolved, I work for a large UK university and we have two other sites considering Joomla but this is our test case!

Many thanks for any help or ideas.


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13 years 6 months ago #78836 by patpat
Same problem for me but with CB 1.2rc3 ... i have let a post

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