wrong language in welcome email after registering

14 years 10 months ago #41193 by linpi
Joomla 1.0.11, CB 1.0.2

I building a web site with 3 language (german, french and english) and with CB. the default language is german. When I register for example in french, the first email (subject: Your Registration is Pending Approval) comes in french. But when I click "Approved" in the User Manager, the second email (subject: Welcome) come always in the default language of Joomla, in my case german (or in any other the language which is set as default)
I started to look at the life comprofiler.php, but it's no so easy to understand at the beginning...
I would very thankful for some help.

meanwhile, I think I understood why this appens.
The User Manager doesn't in which language a user has registered, therefore User Manager send the welcome email in the standard language of Joomla...
I guess I could only work if the registration language is inside in the user profile.

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13 years 7 months ago #77603 by Gdeangeli
I ran accross your post
I have the same problem:
Joomla default language is French for my site, default language is English in CB
English users get registration emails in French
Do you have any solution to suggest ?


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13 years 7 months ago #77767 by linpi
I resolved this problem by modifying a little bit a php file of CB. I save automatically the language in a field "cb_lang" at the registration.

My approval email in CB configuration is in three language, that is the easiest way. I use the field cb_lang in an other component, a component I made myself.

But if you need to keep the registration language, I could give you the changes I made. The changes are depending of the CB version, 1.1 or 1.2RC3.


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