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13 years 11 months ago #57448 by parth
Hi everyone,

I am just making this post here so that it can help anyone facing similar issues.
I am mentioning the bugs i had been having with a client's site :
unterminated string literal : ie6,firefox
stack overflow error : ie7

Another issue which i think was caused by the same thing was that Cb registration form was not able to post the task ( saveregisters) causing registration to fail.

In ie 6 the browser would just crash & quit if you pressed enter or hit the register button.

After a huge amount of fiddling with probable js issues even to the point of reinstalling CB --- not even that solved the problem.

This meant it couldnt be CB causing the issues .. So..
At that point i checked everything that might affect the js, tried running it under a diff template, under index2.php to remove positions & what not!

After almost giving up ,something i read in the forums sometime back made me look at the english.php file usually this is joomla's default language file.. .I removed everythign in there & viola everything started working fine again.. .

Problem was that the file formatting had gone bad.. .There's a n number of reasons this can happen.. .but fixing the formatting solved all the issues.

So people if you have any issues like this better be sure the language file is ok!

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