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14 years 5 months ago #61991 by blueagle1829
Super Admin User Profile 500 Error was created by blueagle1829
I have a problem. I have a community with about 635 registered users. Everyone has their own profile, and there are a LOT of components installed. (Below I will include a list of all of the components that I have integrated with CB.) My problem is that recently (within the past week), my profile is now generating a 500 error ONLY when I am logged in and trying to look at my own profile. Literally there are NO other members who are having this problem. You can view my profile if you are logged in as someone else, or if you aren't logged in at all, and I can log in and look at anyone else's profile. However, I just can't look at my own profile if I am logged in as myself without getting the 500 error. Furthermore, if I unpublish either the hwdVideoShare tab or the ParaInvite Pro tab then my profile will load correctly. I really don't think that the source of the problem is involved with these two components, because they were working correctly for months with no issues, and all of the other members of my site are not experiencing any problems. I have logged in under numerous other users ID and can click the "My Profile" link with no problem at all.

I would love to get this fixed ASAP. This site is a large portion of my income, so I really need to get it up and running again. If anyone knows a way to get it working, then PLEASE let me know. I would even be willing to use another user ID (which I have already created), but I would have to be able to pull all of the statistics (forum posts, friends, groups, messages, invites, etc.) from the original user ID. I really think that just fixing that one will be the most effect route, I just have NO CLUE what is going on!

If you have any knowledge on this, please either post it here or PM me with information. This is a top priority for me! Thanks in advance.

-Richard (unless you are logged in as me...;) )

Installed and Using:
Joomla 1.0.15
Fireboard 1.0.4
Community Builder 1.1
- ParaInvite pro
- Public Profile
- Profile URL
- Group Jive
- CB Image Gallery
- hwdVideoShare
- CB User Adsense
- Fireboard Plugin
- (a couple of others, but I think these are all of the relevant ones)

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14 years 5 months ago #62001 by Schattenherz
Replied by Schattenherz on topic Re:Super Admin User Profile 500 Error

The profile gallery uses lightbox-javascript, which isn't working on your profile as well. Seems to me, that there are some different javascripts working, which don't like each other. When there is one more, which is only used for you as admin, your statements could make sense to me.

Try to deactivate one or two of these scripts...this might help to locate the problem.

ICQ: 384 - 301 - 295
Yahoo: illusion66
Skype: illusion-123

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14 years 5 months ago #62006 by blueagle1829
Replied by blueagle1829 on topic Re:Super Admin User Profile 500 Error
Like I said, if I disable any of the two before-mentioned scripts, then the profile works fine. Furthermore, there are three super-admins at our site, and none of their profiles have been affected. I also don't understand why everyone's profile (including mine) worked for so long with all of these components working.

Any specifics on what you think I should enable/disable? I really need the two components that I can possibly disable in order to make my profile work. And since all of my end users' profiles are working, at least the site isn't down. But I need to get this worked out. If you would like to get the login information to login as an administrator if you think you can really fix it, then I would be willing to get it to you. Just PM me.

Thanks for your help. This is very important.


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14 years 5 months ago #62186 by blueagle1829
Replied by blueagle1829 on topic Re:Super Admin User Profile 500 Error
Still no one can help? I'd be willing to pay someone to help me out here-- I NEED THIS FIXED ASAP! Thanks in advance.

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