Registration: user name/pasword prepopulated

15 years 4 weeks ago #72645 by Shamus
I'm running CB 1.0 Stable on a Joomla 1.5.6 system. I have Joomla's native Allow User Registration set to No in the Global Configuration and CB's Allow User Registration set to "yes, independently of global site setting".

I've noticed that when someone clicks Register in the CB login module the user name and password are already populated with those of the Joomla site's FTP user.

While it's not that great of a security risk as they'd have to verify that password in order to register under that user name, I'd still like these fields to be blank by default so as not to show even our FTP user name to the world.

You can view the problem by visiting the site: .

Edit: Damme, never mind- feel free to delete this post. I erased the FTP user info from Joomla Global Configuration, cleared the cache, cleared my browser's cache and retested and it was still doing it, but in the time it took me to post here the problem is gone. :)

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