Invalid argument & registration error(please help)

14 years 2 weeks ago #74432 by Trigger
I run which is a free to use community site for my local area. This site is around and under BETA testing becuase the last site was destroyed by hackers depite security used with it. This is the first time I have used joomla 1.5 and is updated fully. Upon the site, I have used Community builder which is great, worked perfectly with the last site but I am getting a major error.

Users are not able to confirm there emails etc and are always blocked or unauthorized etc. Also, fields filled in by these said users are not apearing to be filled.

I have a error
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in public_html/community/components/com_comprofiler/plugin/user/plug_cbcore/cb.core.php on line 240
that apppears in the profile update and admin areas of coommunity builder when viewing editing profiles.

This again is a community site which I run in my free time for the local community. Thhe last site had such a large influence on my local town I want to expand it to a larger audience and any help would be most appreciated. Please ask if any mor details are needed.

Thank you in advance.

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14 years 6 days ago #75904 by chrirule
I just tested and this works-


In short-

Working with file [www root]/components/com_comprofiler/plugin/user/plug_cbcore/cb.core.php

1. Change line 528 from

$params =& $juser->getParameters();


$params =& $juser->getParameters(true);

2. Delete line 529 which reads-

$params->loadSetupFile(JApplicationHelper::getPath( 'com_xml', 'com_users' ));

OR change line 529 to

/** $params->loadSetupFile(JApplicationHelper::getPath( 'com_xml', 'com_users' )); */

Which rems it out, essentially deleting it, but leaving it there :P

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