Redirect infinite Loop - BUG -

14 years 2 weeks ago #74518 by monchi954
Redirect infinite Loop - BUG - was created by monchi954
This problem is with CB and GroupJiive I am using Joomla 1.0
I have posted the same question in the GroupJive Forum but it is dead over there.

I am using GroupJiive with integrations on with event list and fire board

I noticed a bug when a user is not a member of a group and goes to the group home page and clicks on either group forum or group events it goes to a loop. What can we do to stop this because IE does not detect it and keeps reloading and can cause strain on server when I go live please help. Example link below to a test group home page,com_groupjive/task,showgroup/groupid,12/Itemid,90/

The URL it tries to bring the user to is / or the URL Firefox stops the loop on is,com_eventlist/func,shcatev1/categid,9/Itemid,90/index.php?option=com_groupjive&task=showgroup&groupid=12&Itemid=90&mosmsg=The+events+are+for+members+only.

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14 years 1 week ago #75796 by retha
Replied by retha on topic Re:Redirect infinite Loop - BUG -
Have the same problem!! HELP!!

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