Nice images instead of plumb text

12 years 3 months ago #38739 by dexter_deluxe

In my userlist i have a column called "gender". So now i want that e.g. a nice little is displayed instead of "gender: male"

Is that possible??


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12 years 2 weeks ago #44702 by mephistophele
I too would like to put an image like that in my users list, instead of gender...
How can i do?
10 years 10 months ago #80162 by Cypher666
hi @ all,

my first time with CB, and my first question. i also want to show some icons instead of text. is this feature already implemented in RC3, and i couldnt find it? if not - is there a "howto" anywhere to read here?

the first look in the template code makes me dizzy.. :/

hope anyone can help me.

thx in advance
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