Moderate profile updates

12 years 8 months ago #38909 by twoten
When a new member registers his details are moderated.

It would be useful if you could have the ability to moderate any updates particularly fields within a profile or alternatively any update at all.
11 years 6 months ago #69555 by cvoogt
I have been looking for this functionality for a long time. I would code it myself if I knew how, but it's a little beyond my skills. It seems to me it should be coded into each field, so each field should have the option of being moderated (yes/no). A lot easier said than done, of course!

If an email gets sent for every profile change, that will be a lot of emails. Maybe something can be set up to send out a weekly (or other) list of profiles that have been edited recently, so the admin can check on them. That may be an easier approach. usually has some cool CB plugins ... but the site is blank right now.
Maybe something like this already exists, but I haven't seen it. Anyone have thoughts on this?
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