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13 years 8 months ago #12901 by redlaguna
I obtain an error, when the image to upload is a greater image to the allowed size, I have an error 500 of the server, use gd library.

if the image is greater to allowed not resized, only have error of server, and my server provider don´t

for example

allowed size 800x600 and if the image to upload 800x600 or less-->no error.

allowed size 800x600 and if the image to upload 801x601 or more--->error 500 of server

I have reviewed via ftp the images/comprofiler/plug_profilegallery/number of folder and the the great image this there but not it thumbnail.

I am test with another type of great files (zip,doc,pdf) and I do not have errors

unfortunately I do not have access to error_log

13 years 8 months ago #12940 by nant
do you get the same error when you try to upload the same image as your profile avatar (with the same image parameters set in the CB configuration)?
13 years 8 months ago #12967 by redlaguna
Yes, i have the same error I think that perhaps gd library this damaged.

i turn to imagemagik and work very fine.

but the only cuestion now is, if i use GD library by Pony Gallery and Datso Gallery and gd work very fine...

sorry, but i speak spanish, and only read english :blush:

Thanks a Lot

¡mas vale no saber!
13 years 8 months ago #12998 by nant
Don't know which functions are not working.
So, use the imagemagik library in CB and the gd in the other components.
13 years 8 months ago #13209 by ffaabbss
that one was helpful...

i am getting an upload error with gd when i try to upload large pics that have to be majorly resized! i set upload size to 2500, so my mom doesn't get into trouble because she knows how to take photos with her cam and transfers them on the pc, but resizing? she wouldn't have a clue... well anyway...

i have size set to 500*500... when i had the max upload size 250 it didn't matter if the 500*500 were exceeded.. they were resized and fullstop.

now with the new settings i get this error as already explained..

so i switched to imagemagic and everything seems to be just fine!

thx for the great plugin.. that one also my mom will understand how to use!

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