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9 years 4 months ago #130497 by joeweb
Hello everyone
I have a problem

I installed CB Gallery
the stickers are well
but the images appear in a great new page when I click on the link text

configuration setting in : lis lightboc
if I click on the thumbnail lightboc opens but no image

configuration setting in: gallery list forma
if I click on the thumbnail opens a new popop page, opens but no image

configuration setting in : lit format
opens a new page with image

je voudrai que cela marche au moins avec:
lis lightboc
gallery list forma

I used the google translator

you can check out my website by logging

and sorry for my bad English
thank you for your help


I found the solution for greasy forum :)
gallery list forma
lit format
remplacer cette ligne
$htmltext2 .= "var imageurl = \"<img src=\" + pgimagefile + \">\";\n";

par cette ligne

$htmltext2 .= "var imageurl = \"<img src='\" + pgimagefile + \"'>\";\n";

thank you
it remains that lis lightboc to walk :)

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9 years 2 months ago #134041 by scuriza
In fact, the line correct is:

[code:1]$htmltext2 .= "var imageurl = \"<img src='\" + pgimagefile + \"'>\";\n";[/code:1]


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