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9 years 10 months ago #114849 by kenmcmahon
Did anything ever come of this?

I want to use the Joomla! Random Image module to display images from sub folders as I'm using the cb.profilegalery plugin to display a small image gallery for each user. This plug-in is simple, elegant, and does more or less exactly what I want, so I don't particularly want to change to a more complicated gallery plug-in, or a gallery module that will integrate with CB, though if that will provide the solution I'll consider it.

Here's the problem. cb.profilegallery stores images in a directory -

Each user's images are stored in a sub directory, e.g.


to further complicate matters, this user folder contains full-sized images and thumbnails e.g.
full sized image

I only want the random image module to display the full-sized images.

Furthermore, I need to display the images title and description below it.

Nant, it seems from your earlier post that doing this is not a trivial undertaking? Any other suggestions?

BTW thanks for a fabulous plug-in!

9 years 10 months ago #116787 by kenmcmahon
I guess not then :(
So I'm now looking for an alternative approach. I'm thinking this is going to be a slideshow module that can display random images from the gallery folders (and subfolders. Any suggestions?

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