How to: Apply CSS to popup

13 years 8 months ago #13553 by stevebor1
Find code around 933

[code:1]$htmltext2 .= "newWindow.document.writeln(\"<div align='center' >\"«»);\n";[/code:1]

1. change to
[code:1]$htmltext2 .= "newWindow.document.writeln(\"<div class='tab-page' align='center' >\"«»);\n";[/code:1]

2. also add this line after
[code:1]$htmltext2 .= "newWindow.document.writeln(\"<link rel='stylesheet' href='PATH TO /template_css.css' type='text/css'/><style type='text/css'>\"«»);\n";

change your path to your css location, joomla template or cb template. I chose to make my div class set to "tab-pane", but you can change to whatever you want.

if you want to just add a color background, just replace class='tab-pane' in 1 with bgcolor='000000' and forget step 2.

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