deletion of userfiles with unregister component

13 years 7 months ago #14251 by bzn
I would like this component:
to delete the files uploaded to the profile gallery.
Does anyone know which code needs to be added?
With the help of this component, a user can delete itself.

btw: I have trouble with deleting user files on my ftp, I need to apply chmod 777 via the joomla global config to all files first, otherwise i am not able to delete the files and directories created by the Profile Gallery, It think this is also know as "wwwrun" problem. Any hints?

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I'm running Joomla v1.5.5 and CB v1.1
13 years 7 months ago #14265 by nant
I have added some hooks in the code (but havent completed the needed process yet) to remove all gallery items for a given user when this user is deleted via the CB backend.

If you really want this feature you should submit an artifact over at the project area (see signature).

I have no idea about the component you are refering to and how it should integrate with other components that create user specific content (e.g., PMS system, gallery, Joomla content, blogs, etc).
13 years 7 months ago #14272 by bzn
the following function removes the user data for some joomla specific contents. I would like to at some lines of code that delete the profile gallery files of the user as well. As far as I understand it, it leaves some junk data in your sql database if you use CB, because no cb table is modified. I think this is a pretty useful component and we should figure out what is needed to make it fully compatible with CB. Actually in Germany the law requires business websites to have an unregister button (at least that's what i read in a forum).

[mhh.. I cannot post code here!?!?]

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I'm running Joomla v1.5.5 and CB v1.1
13 years 7 months ago #14281 by bzn
So as far as I understand it, I could modify this term:

DELE** FROM #__core_acl_aro WHERE (value = $userid)";

the relevant cb stuff could be:
#__comprofiler (the user itself, "user_id")
#__comprofiler_members (the connections of the user, "referenceid")
#__comprofiler_members (the connections to the user, "memberid")
#__comprofiler_plug_profilegallery (the profilegallery entries, "userid")
#__comprofiler_userreports (user complaints, "reporteduser")
#__comprofiler_userreports (complaints about user, "reportedbyuser")
#__comprofiler_views (viewer_id)

but somehow the relevant files from the profile gallery and the avatar need to be deletet too, does anyone know how to handle that?

I'm running Joomla v1.5.5 and CB v1.1
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