Lightbox Not Working in Nants gallery 1.0 RC2

12 years 6 months ago #30731 by raveguideuk
i have CB Gallery (aka Nant's Gallery) 1.0 RC2 (love it by the way)

i can't get lightbox to work i have installed and uninstalled it a few times and it still refuses to work

my site is please take a look

i have 2,500 users on community builder and using nants gallery i know they would love lightbox B)

what happens is it just loads the image in a new window

ive installed this on another site and it works fine it just dont work on mine :dry:

i also have a problem with zoom gallery and lightbox also. it just dont work. i am not sure how lightbox works am i missing a file that maybe wasnt applied in an update????

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12 years 6 months ago #30738 by nant
since you have it working on another site - the code is ok.

Something else on your system is messing up the javascript code for lightbox.
12 years 6 months ago #30768 by raveguideuk
any idea where i may begin looking for this rouge java script?
12 years 6 months ago #30788 by nant
raveguideuk wrote:

any idea where i may begin looking for this rouge java script?

nope - dont know what you have installed ...
11 years 4 weeks ago #68942 by ryantalexander
Yeah, im getting somewhat of the same problem. When i click on images under the gallery tab it opens the java script but only displays white. I have read there are conflicts with mootools from my rockettheme and lightbox. is there anyway to seperate the java script library so both will work or is it possible to have the gallery work off the mootools or another form of lighbox/slimbox/smoothbox that doesnt conflict with mootools?
11 years 2 weeks ago #70344 by wickhop
Jup, I'm having the same problem.
In the default popup mode it gives just the NaN> in the popup window, lightbox gives a white box with the correct size of the image and stops.

Im using joomla 1.5.4 and CB 1.2 RC 2 But I doubt thats causing the problem.
I think it should be some LightBox Script being interfeared?

I hope to launch my site A.s.a.p. and would really like to have this really nice plugin working before!

Could someone help me out if I perhaps provide you with a Login?



*Edit :
I have Simple Image Gallery (for in content articles..) But that lightbox works just fine.
I tried disabling it to see if that worked but it didnt..
But still it seems to be possible to popup images in lightbox's.. any clue?

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