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10 years 7 months ago #83007 by jaysenjohnson
I am having a problem when new members of my site upload images to their gallery. I've noticed that when the directory is first created (ie: /images/comprofiler/plug_profilegallery/userid) to store my members pictures. It sets the default directory permissions to 700. This makes the pictures not show up in the gallery once they are uploaded. To fix this, I have to manually change the directory permissions to 755 on the above directory to get the pictures to show up.

Is there any way possible to make it so when the directory is created for users to upload pictures, the default permissions on the directory are 755 so I do not have to keep logging into the server and changing the permissions manually?

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10 years 7 months ago #83533 by jaysenjohnson
I take it there is no solution to this problem? Perhaps I didn't provide enough information?
10 years 7 months ago #83596 by jaysenjohnson
This is now solved, I discovered this was an issue with my suPHP apache module that I use to run PHP scripts as their owners. It was setting the incorrect permissions on the newly creates files and directories.

I corrected this issue by adding a umask 022 setting to the suPHP module config file. After a test it all is working great now.
10 years 4 months ago #94283 by mediaguru
So I'm on plesk with my dedicated server. All files uploaded by joomla/cb etc, have the user "apache" and not my web user. This causes permissions problems constantly. It makes it so I can't remove or reinstall items via joomla/cb installers because it doesn't have permission.

Telling joomla in the global config to chmod 755 or 775 when creating new directories doesn't do it.

If I properly set up suPHP will my newly uploaded directories and files have the proper user?

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