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What is the phpBB Connector?
The phpBB Connector is a Community Builder Plugin that creates a connection between your Joomla website and your phpBB forum. This plugin won't edit core files, hack the database tables or in any other way change Joomla, CB, or phpBB ( *with exception of small error correction in phpBB ).

What are the minimum requirements of the phpBB Connector?
The plugin requires Joomla 1.0.x, Community Builder 1.0RC2 or newer, and phpBB 2.0.17 or newer. Older versions of phpBB may work but have not been tested.

The plugin also requires that phpBB and Joomla be installed in the same database and within the same website ( along with CB )

What does the phpBB Connector do?
  • Allows users to be synchronized between phpBB and CB
  • Allows CB logins to also login into phpBB
  • Allows CB logouts to also logout of phpBB
  • Allows username and password changes in CB to be synchronized with phpBB
  • Synchronizes avatars between CB and phpBB
  • Supports multiple language files (i.e. languages)
  • Plugin automatically publishes itself during installation
  • Forum directory can be set in plugin parameters
  • Newly registered users will be validated against the phpBB users and inserted into both CB and phpBB
  • When the user gets confirmed by the admin the phpBB account will be activated
  • Allows manual adjustments to the phpBB user ID for the CB user by use of the admin back-end
  • Last but not least shows a tab in the CB userprofile that lists posts made by the user
What is the current version of the phpBB Connector?
The current version is 1.0.3 which is currently only available from other site currently have 1.0.2 Beta. v1.0.3 basically is v1.0.2 with the patches mentioned here already installed. Some patches are available for download from .

There is a README.TXT file there as well which describes the patches.

Version 2.0.0 is being actively developed as we speak (in free time anyway). A limited release Alpha 1 release has been distributed to a very small group. After some testing and bug fixing an Alpha 2 should come out... some time after that a beta will probably be released and we will solicit language files. This new version refines the user tab to more closely resemble the SB plugin provided with CB and makes many internal tweaks to better handle large user tables, work better on IIS servers, and provide real time feedback regarding the forum setup. It also provides a foundation for future releases after 2.0.2 to include additional forum software ( FYI we changed it from 1.0.3 to 2.0.0 since the core was rewriten and many new features added )

Where are the patches located for phpbb connector v1.0.2?

I will post more FAQs here as time permits...

Enjoy the new sub-forum!

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