Problem with $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']

11 years 10 months ago #46180 by helluvaguy
I've just started with CB and this phpbbconnector. It's quite impressive but I encountered a problem with the directory for phpBB in the connector setup. First up a few infos

Absolute path of joomla: /customer/mine/websites/scouts/joomla
Live Site of joomla:
Absolute path of phpBB: /customer/mine/websites/scouts/phpBB
Live Site of phpBB:

For the phpbbconnector to work I have to fill websites/scouts/phpBB in as directory for phpBB, but due to this all links in a users Profile to his postings in phpBB are linking to
instead of

I took a look around in this forum and as far as I understand this statement, $_SERVER is getting the path for phpBB.
Is there a way to change it so it reflects the Live Site?

Thanks for any help.
11 years 9 months ago #46480 by geeffland
$_SERVER should give you the directory that matches the main website... v2 has better directory setting capability... hopefully it will come out public beta soon.

PM me more info on your site and I will see if I can offer additional help.


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