CBC+phpbb3 RC7=error. Pls Help!

11 years 8 months ago #48592 by chlow2007

I've just installed phpbb3 RC7 with cb connector v2 beta1. My Joomla is 1.0.13 and cb 1.1.

Everything works well during installation
I've tried importing user from phpbb3 to cb and it works perfectly well.

But when I am exporting cb user to phpbb3, there is a error msg popping out. (See attached image for the error.)

Is it because cbc2 beta1 is not compatitble with phpbb3 rc7?

Can anyone help?


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11 years 8 months ago #48627 by geeffland
see thread here...


For future reference posting the same question on 3 different forums can really cause issues with solving the problem. Best to post the CB Connector questions either in this forum or in the cbconnector.com forum...


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