customizing phpbb forum views?

11 years 8 months ago #50498 by altoidboy
Joomla 1.0.13, CB 1.1.

i haven't yet installed the phpbb connector. i have a question about it first.

in cb, i've designed special multicheckboxes during registration: "blue team" "red team" "green team" etc...and each user is checkboxed to one or more teams (groups).

if i install phpbb (probably the last version of v2, but i'm open to v3) and the phpb connector plug-in, is there any way i can instruct phpbb or the connector plug-in to ONLY display certain forums to certain teams, in other words the "red forum" to only "red team" members, etc...?
11 years 8 months ago #50534 by geeffland
CB Connector v2 has replaced the older phpbb connector.

It does support phpbb2 and phpbb3, but unfortunately it does not support 'groups' yet in phpbb.

I am sure you already know but the way to setup your forum is to setup usergroups with the specified users and set forums to be only viewable/postable (as the admin desires).. by setting the permissions in phpbb.

I am planning on handling sync of custom profile fields in the future... but had not directly thought about this case yet... off the top of my head I am not exactly sure how to implement it this way yet... but still working.

If interested register at, then once I approve your account post a "feature request" in the Mantis bug tracker so I don't miss this in the future...


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