No users to phpBB3

11 years 1 month ago #57185 by Sunnyboy
I installed CB Connector 2 beta 3 today without succes.

There are issues in the plugin admin panel, I can make a test user in Joomla! but this is not possible for phpBB3. If i don't choose "tools" there is always an error 500.

If i log in to the site there is no error, but also no new user in phpBB.

mod-cblogin is used.

xajax Mambot is published, plugin is published.
Published with and without cbc-wrapper...

phpBB 3 is a new fresh install. (dutch)
Joomla 1.0.14 stable (dutch)

phpBB and Joomla are both NOT installed on localhost, can this be the problem?
11 years 1 month ago #57199 by geeffland
Is the forum directory set correctly?

Is the 'code' of both Joomla and phpbb installed on the same server...

The databases can be on separate servers (I think) but the php code needs to be on the same servers as CBC includes code from phpbb3.


CB3PD Developer - CB Connector (formerly phpBB Connector) plugin
11 years 3 weeks ago #57224 by Sunnyboy
Directory is set correctly, I also try the different settings.

Joomla is in domain root
phpBB is in domain/forums

I don't get an error when I log in, is that normal? Is the xajax mambot working with login or not?

It looks like the mambot is not working?
11 years 3 weeks ago #57335 by geeffland
Mambot is really on the control panel and on the profile page...

Another possibility...

Is your memory_limit for php 16M or higher...

If on Apache (or non-IIS) rename the php.ini.txt file to php.ini and it will likely adjust that setting for you..

What is your Server OS, php version?


CB3PD Developer - CB Connector (formerly phpBB Connector) plugin
11 years 3 weeks ago #57586 by Sunnyboy
Mambot was on everywhere, memory_limit is set via .htaccess to 32M.

I have deinstalled the whole component and staying at fireboard for now because phpBB is not a priority...
Maybe later, when I finnished my other projects and when I have more time, I wil try again.

Thanks for the support anyway!

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