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10 years 4 months ago #100839 by alfons
I had Groupjive 29a installed with gjplugin_integration_fireboard_v1.7e1 to integrate it with Fireboard 1.0.5rc2. In combination with my CB 1.2 this worked well. Now I upgraded Fireboard to Kunena 1.0.10 and used plug_gjfireboardextended_1.3 for the integration. The problem that I'm facing now is that if I use the forum from within Gruopjive it says that I have no access to the forum. If I use the forum directly from the menu there are no problems. I also started a thread on the Kunena forum because there are more issues with Kunena regarding 'jumps to/in Kunena'.

Are there more peoaple facing this problem or even better... does anyone have the same combination and does this work?
10 years 4 months ago #101912 by Willowtree
I'm using j1.0.15, cb 1.2, gj v30 kunena 1.0.9

I'm having problems with the 'private' forums, they aren't appearing unless they are published, which makes them not-private,

I'm using the latest fireboard extended cb plugin and followed all of the instructions, but have to remove one of the hacks, the one in kunena.php as with it in the forum doesn't work at all.

Sorry I can't help, but it's not just your setup :)
10 years 3 months ago #102386 by spaecman
Hi, I have the same problem:
the link "group forum" show "forbiddent access" but from kunena or a "latest post" module there is no problem.

Also, Kunena shows the Name of the user instead of the username, and this eventhough it is set to use username only....
10 years 2 months ago #105867 by krileon
So you are using a GJ we didn't develop, a plugin we didn't develop, and want support here? I'm confused. :blink:

That is our development and progress. If you are NOT using B1-3 then please keep all support issues off these boards as all previous version are irrelevant. We've taken over the project and progressing in new direction as well as stabilizing.

Forum support has yet to be re-implemented.

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10 years 2 months ago #105883 by Rapunzl
This is partly my fault, as the old downloads are still accessible on GroupJive's website. I forgot to disable these when we announced JP was taking over development. Doing it now...

Jamie (Rapunzl)
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10 years 2 months ago #105913 by alfons
krileon wrote:

So you are using a GJ we didn't develop, a plugin we didn't develop, and want support here? I'm confused. :blink:

Maybe by reading carefully the forumpost you would be less confused. This post was started before JP took over development. Second: No support from JP was asked for. The question was an open question for other users experiencing the same problem. And maybe someone has found a solution for that. It's a forum isn't it? Third: the post was started in the CB 3RD Party thread. 3RD party means: not developped by JP.

Please don't get wrong here.... I think it's great that JP took over control and are working on more and more improvements for integrating it with CB. And the support given via this forum is also worthwhile. But carefully reading posts is essential before giving such critisism.
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