What is groupjive?

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I guess I am kinda slow (not the first time), but what happens once you create groups? Does GrouJive connect you in a special/private way?

If so, this sounds ideal of a workout site I am developing, so people can create private support groups by invitation or by general join.

Is there a list of current or planned features somewhere?

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Where's the component on groupjive.org? There's nothing there under current releases. You can only find alpha and beta versions.

Also at the forge the current version was last updated on 2/10/2006???? Could that be correct?

Also on groupjive.org and CB plugs are not accessible unless you are an admin.

What is the status of groupjive?

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Hi everyone,
No stable version of GroupJive has yet been released. The status of the project is that it has been resting for a long time but we are now working hard on putting out a stable version. Until then, you will have to settle for the alphas (please try them out, we need testers).

The component can be found in the downloads section at groupjive.org, in the folder Testing versions. Every friday a new nightly build is released for testing. The modules are also available for download. The CB plugin is still under testing and will eventually be added to the downloads. For now it can be found in the forum, in the thread nzimas linked to.

The version in the forge is very old and not recommended for use. When a stable version is produced, it will be added to the forge.
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Sorry you haven't gotten a reply. Hopefully you have checked GroupJive out yourself by now. A feature list is under writing, but we have none at present.
GroupJive does connect users and the groups may be private. You need to try it (if you haven't already) to find out if it suits your needs.
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